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Animation training

Animation training

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Harbin Animation TrainingProfessional training to master the basic theoretical knowledge of computer graphics/images, animation design and production and related application field knowledge,Familiar with graphics/image production environment, with animation design, animation production, painting, advertising design, web design and other skills, and have skilled computer technology operation ability。

Flash animation, Phototshop image processing, 3DsMAX, bodypaint, Vector Graphic Design coreldrow Basics, ios/ Android interface design, Flash animation design, firework Web design and production, computer software applications, AXA, PAINTER et al。

14, Two-dimensional animation (1) (2) 15, Animation creation (1) (2) 16, Background design 17, Computer illustration design 18, a Brief history and Appreciation of Chinese and Foreign art 19, Introduction to Design 20, three-dimensional animation (3DS) 21, Perspective 22, decorative painting 23, decorative pattern 24, digital image 25, animation design creativity and expression 26, InteractionComics 27, Japanese (1) (2) 28, Animation (publications) planning 29, Introduction to Chinese Culture 30, Art appreciation。

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