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Preschool education and training

Preschool education and training

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3+2 Child Care (Kindergarten Work Direction)

[Length of schooling] : 3+2 /3 years

【太阳集团集团】 :Harbin Technical SchoolIt mainly cultivates teachers with basic theoretical knowledge, professional skills and management ability of early childhood care, who are engaged in education, teaching, scientific research and management in kindergartens and nursery institutions, and meet the social needs and market demands of high-quality applied talents。

【太阳集团集团】 :Introduction to Early Childhood Care, Preschool Psychology, Preschool Hygiene, Nutrition and Health care, Kindergarten operation and Management, kindergarten policies and regulations, professional development of kindergarten teachers, activity design in five fields of kindergarten, research methods of early childhood care, work guidance for kindergarten parents, crisis public relations, song creation and compilation for children, kindergarten environment arrangement and toy production, drama creation and performance for children, preschool children tourDrama, children's arts and crafts, vocal music, piano, dance, children's literature, teachers' oral English, leadership science and art, etc。

Harbin Technical School

[Course features] : We not only pay attention to teaching basic professional knowledge related to early education, but also pay attention to infant care skills and skills, and master the ways and methods of children's intellectual development, emotional cultivation and good living habits。It can not only adapt to the education and teaching of children's art courses such as art, music and dance, but also have the ability to make and create children's toys and utensils, as well as the ability to organize and carry out artistic activities。Strengthen the cultivation and improvement of students' professional ethics and professional quality。

Harbin Technical School

【太阳集团集团】 :

1, employment direction: After graduation, students can work in (government agencies, schools, enterprises and institutions, communities) kindergartens, large and medium-sized chain kindergartens, large and medium-sized chain early education institutions, early childhood care institutions, children's training institutions, art colleges, early childhood normal schools, etc。

2. Employment position: teaching teacher, kindergarten principal, curriculum consultant, early education teacher, resident reporter of kindergarten education, kindergarten teacher, parent-child teacher, dance teacher, music teacher, art teacher and kindergarten administration and teaching management;He is also competent in childcare related consulting services, product development, book publishing and other work。

3. Salary: At present, the monthly salary of professional positions in early childhood care is within the average salary of the industry。The salary package will continue to increase every year with the increase of the length of service and the promotion of the position。

[Education and Teaching] : Our school is a full-time secondary vocational school approved and filed by the competent department of Heilongjiang Province,Beautiful school environment,There are wide open classrooms,Modern teaching building,The school has nearly 8,000 students,There are more than 500 active teachers,To "skills education,Academic education,Professional course,"Basic course" to cultivate comprehensive skills of professionals。Our school has a group of high-quality teachers, with a good school spirit and learning style, elegant teaching environment, rich artistic atmosphere and perfect education and teaching conditions, teaching facilities are complete, there are special art teaching buildings, piano, dance classrooms and so on。Our school's teaching management is scientific and rigorous, closed management, full-time homeroom staff, 24-hour seamless shift patrol duty, electronic monitoring, real-name access control access to the campus。The implementation of comprehensive, all-weather management of students;Focus on: self-education, self-management, self-service education。It emphasizes the cultivation of students' personality quality, unity and cooperation, independent life, self-restraint and other comprehensive qualities。Our school has a number of cooperative kindergartens in Harbin, as the school research and learning practice training base, to provide students with free practice and learning opportunities during the school。By cultivating specialty education of kindergarten teachers, adhering to the correct school-running direction, optimizing school-running conditions, strengthening teachers, strengthening management measures, highlighting school-running characteristics, and promoting quality education, our school has become a school for cultivating professional talents in early childhood care in Harbin。

Harbin Technical School

【太阳集团集团】 :

1, three years of study: students through the three-year study can choose employment or choose to participate in the secondary vocational education examination;After graduation, a certificate of graduation from a secondary school recognized by the State and a certificate of employment registration (with cadre status) will be issued.,Heilongjiang Province secondary vocational school education certificate inquiry website can be found;Students can obtain relevant professional qualifications,Have professional qualification。Students can also take the Putonghua certificate, childminder, baby teacher, psychological consultant qualification, social arts (dance, music, piano, art, etc.) level certificate。

2, 3+2 years: "3+2" through training is the use of segmented form of joint training, by secondary schools and junior colleges are responsible for training。Students study in our school for the first three years, awarded the national recognized secondary school graduation certificate, Heilongjiang Province secondary vocational school education certificate query website, after two years of study in the reported colleges and universities, by the reported colleges and universities issued by the state recognized junior college graduation certificate and employment registration certificate。After graduation, students can obtain Mandarin certificate, teacher qualification certificate, social art (dance, music, piano, art, etc.) level and other related professional qualification certificates。

Harbin Technical School

Sample qualification certificate

[Admission Note] : Over the years, our school has paid attention to the improvement of students' academic qualifications and ability training, and has a strong teaching force. The teachers of various professional courses have rich teaching experience, encouraging students to improve their academic level and providing a good platform for students to study。

[Way of education] : "There is a way out of employment, there are channels for education, innovation has the ability, and development has the way out", which has become the advantage of our school to train students, and "studying secondary vocational school and going to colleges and universities is not a dream" as a highlight of the school, increasing the attractiveness of our school。In recent years, the school has changed from "employment-oriented" to "study-oriented" or "study and employment" training direction。The "3+2" mode of through training, matching, individual test and comprehensive evaluation in higher vocational schools has indeed opened up a number of channels for secondary vocational students to pursue further studies。

Harbin Technical School

1. Vocational education college entrance examination

On September 13, 2021, the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province issued the Implementation Plan for Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of General College Examination in Heilongjiang Province, deepening the reform of classified enrollment examination for higher vocational education and making major adjustments to the vocational education。Vocational education Spring College Entrance Examination referred to as "vocational Education College Entrance Examination"。It is held in May each year and is mainly for vocational and adult education students。Starting from 2024, the provincial secondary vocational schools' matching entrance examination will be adjusted to the provincial vocational education spring college entrance examination, gradually increasing the enrollment plan of undergraduate colleges and universities, and gradually expanding the scope of enrollment institutions to national colleges and universities。The provincial unified organization of cultural courses examination and vocational skills test, by the provincial entrance examination institutions unified organization and implementation;The vocational skills test is sponsored by the provincial Admission Examination Institute, organized and implemented by the leading institutions, and can be carried out by written test, practical operation or a combination of written test and practical operation according to needs。Vocational school graduates enjoy the same treatment as ordinary school graduates in employment, settlement, participation in recruitment, evaluation of professional titles, promotion and other channels。

2.Single move for higher vocational education

"Higher vocational single enrollment" is a category of college entrance examination in China. The enrollment school is a vocational college in the province or a college with a higher education level. Single enrollment is a shortcut, and the chance for students with poor grades to go to college is greater than that of passing the ordinary college entrance examination。

3. General college entrance examination

Students graduating from technical secondary schools may choose to participate in the national unified entrance examination for ordinary institutions of higher learning and enter ordinary institutions of higher learning。

4. Adult continuing education

Our school has cooperated with more than ten colleges and universities in continuing education for many years, senior high school starting college, junior college starting college, senior high school starting college, graduate from the cooperative university issued by the national education series of adult education junior college, undergraduate certificate, electronic registration of the Ministry of Education, national recognition of academic qualifications, Xuexin network can be checked。


1. National student aid:

Recipients: families with special financial difficulties, 6,000 yuan per child;Urban and rural low-income families, 4,000 yuan per child;Poor county, that is, 11 poor counties in Heilongjiang Province rural registered students, 2,000 yuan per student。11 poor counties: Longjiang County, Tailai County, Gannan County, Fuyu County, Kedong County, Baiquan County, Lindian County, Wangkui County, Lanxi County, Qinggang County, Mingshui County and other 11 contiguous poor rural students (excluding the county) into the scope of national grants。

2. National Scholarship:

According to the "Interim Measures for the Evaluation of National Scholarships for Secondary Vocational Education" documents formulated by relevant departments, students whose academic performance ranks in the top 5% (including 5%) of the same major in their grade can apply for national scholarships, with 6,000 yuan per student per year。

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