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Harbin Technical School

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Grade 08 Jia Chundi

Level 10 Huang Kun China Life Manager

Grade 15 computer art design major Wang Shuang Tong Kun Art villa

Grade 16 high speed train students are good at housekeeping

Gaoyue Hassian high-speed Rail VIP

Han Xiao Beijing Gaoxinda Communication Technology Co., LTD. Engineering Department

Yan Peng Shenglong architectural decoration engineering Co., LTD. Project manager

Zhang Wei is an assistant engineer at China Mobile

Zhang Lifeng Ningxia Tanxi Property Management Service Co., LTD. Project Manager

Zhong Xiang Ming sea ride

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Harbin Animation Training

Harbin Animation Training Enquiry Service Hotline:0451-87555555  0451-87550000

Harbin Animation Training Mr. Sun (wechat number) : 153-0463-5555

Harbin Animation Training Mr. Song (wechat number) : 132-1293-2222

Harbin Technical School Address: No. 130 Guixin Street, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

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