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A special training camp for students attending a college    


Introduction to the entrance examination

1The matching entrance examination is an important part of the college entrance examination, which is especially important for secondary vocational students to obtain higher educationBachelor degreeThe way, regardless of upgrading or upgrading, after graduation areFull-time education

2024Since the beginning of this year, our province has officially reformed the vocational education college entrance examination, not only increasing the undergraduate enrollment plan, but also expanding the scope of enrollment institutions to domestic colleges and universities, which shows that the society is increasingly demanding vocational skills talents with high degrees, and vocational undergraduate students will be paid more and more attention。

2, can recruit students

1Our province registered secondary vocational school(Ordinary secondary school, vocational high school, technical school, adult secondary school)Of the previous graduates:

2Students who are not registered in our province must have a secondary vocational school in our province and study in our province throughout;

3The previous high school graduates of our province's household registration can also be registered after the two-year secondary school。

3Exam content

The content of the entrance examination is composed of two parts: culture course and skill operation test, and the total score is500分。The academic subjects are:Chinese, Mathematics, foreign language(英、俄), each subject points100Points, skill operation points200分。

4Special training camp training time

20229mid-January-20235The middle of month

5, charging standards and preferential policies

Charging standard:学费19800Yuan, teaching materials fee1200Yuan, room and board1800/月。

Preferential policy:

1In front of your school5Registration students, tuition discount800

2Apply in groups of three, and each person will have their tuition fee waived1000

Harbin Technical School

Six advantages of our school's training

1Culture course teaching

We have been deeply engaged in the field of vocational education for many years, focusing on the training for further studies, accurately controlling the exam syllabus, keeping up with the trend of exams, and studying for many years to make unique textbooks and teaching AIDS

We strictly control the quality of teaching, teaching teachers have many years of teaching experience, and teaching methods are flexible, humorous style, so that students on the way to learn twice the result。

2More professional skills training

In terms of students' professional course skills training, our school has specially hired professional course skills teachers from major universities to conduct intensive training before the exam, so that the teaching is more targeted and the effect is more prominent。

3Small class size, double division typeAcademic management model

All classes in our school adopt a small class size, dual teaching management model, and the number of cultural classes is limited to30Within the person, the number of specialized courses15Within people, the learning absorption effect is obvious;

Each class in addition to the subject teaching teacher, will also be equipped with a class teacher, class teacher and students eat, live and study synchronously, all day24When I was an hour, I accompanied the students in class, after class review, spare time life and other aspects of management and service, real-time understanding of each student's learning and psychological state, timely adjustment and guidance, to ensure the learning state, and regularly report the students' learning situation with parents。

4Closed management

Our school adopts24The campus is equipped with classrooms, dormitories, canteens, supermarkets, express stations and other facilities. Students can meet most of their daily needs without leaving home.Students can leave school only after parents confirm their leave by phone and wechat。

5Establish a class learning group to create a healthy competitive learning atmosphere

Each class is divided into several study groups. Members of the group help each otherPKEvaluation can not only give full play to students' subjective initiative in learning, improve learning efficiency, but also cultivate students' sense of team, sense of competition and sense of collective honor, so that students can make progress and improve in all aspects of learning and moral development。

6Real-time psychological counseling, happy learning

Students study and live away from home, will face a variety of difficulties, it is inevitable that there will be mood swings or psychological problems, the school has a professional psychological counseling teacher will regularly give students psychological counseling, so that children maintain a motivated heart and a positive attitude to life, physical and mental health, happy learning。

Harbin Technical School

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