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Graduation practice is a necessary process for our vocational students, is an important way to combine theory and practice, so that we can understand the society in practice, consolidate knowledge in practice practice is a test of personal comprehensive ability, in addition to textbook knowledge, but also need to have practical ability, operational ability。Internship is a kind of test of our lifelong professional knowledge. It allows us to learn a lot of knowledge that we can't learn in the classroom. Skills can broaden our vision and broaden our knowledge, laying a solid foundation for us to go to the society, and also a step towards our jobs。In order to apply the professional theoretical knowledge learned in this university to practice, deepen the understanding and summary of the period combined with the theory in practice, integrate the major with the reality, gradually understand and experience, so as to apply the learned to the work。Contact with society, understand society, learn to do things, learn to be apart from people, learn to unite and cooperate。By going down to the grassroots,Understand the current working situation of architectural decoration industry,Can deepen understanding and consolidate the professional knowledge,Raise awareness further,Analyze the problem,Problem solving skills,So that our architectural decoration design students should use the knowledge in graduation practice and design to solve some problems in reality,Consolidate the professional theory and practical knowledge,Improve self-study at the same time,Independent development and collaboration capabilities,Set a good foundation for moving into the workplace。

Harbin Technical School

Student's name: Zhang Zhen

Independent enterprise:

1, Daqing Red star Macalline negative first floor Zhangzhen mansion decoration design Engineering Co., LTD

2, Daqing City Ranghu district trendy furniture square elaborate craftsman decoration design Co., LTD. Elaborate craftsman decoration design Co., LTD

Annual salary: 200W+

Harbin Technical School

Name: Hailong Zhang

Independent enterprise:

1. Jilin Forest Industry Group Harbin Whole House custom Assembly Store (Hongqi Street Store)

2, Jilin Forest Industry high-end customization Hall (Red Star Macalline store)

Annual salary: 200W+

Harbin Technical School

Student's name: Su Yanwei

Independent enterprise:

"Add or subtract Private house design" studio

Annual salary: 50W+

Harbin Technical School

Student's name: Wang Wenji

Independent enterprise: Taichuan Human Resources Company

Annual salary: 100W+

Harbin Technical School

Name: Sun Jingxuan

Self-employment (Hangzhou) Wu An decoration Co., Ltd. responsible person

Annual salary 300,000 +

Harbin Technical School

Name: Wang Changguo

Company: Fanglin Group Ailin Assembly Co., LTD

Position: Design Director

Monthly salary: 20,000 +

Harbin Technical School

Student's name: Zhao Dongxue

Employment enterprise: Qingdao Mingzhu decoration

Monthly salary: 1w+

Harbin Technical School

Name: Lian Chunhong

Employment enterprise: Tianwu Sheng decoration engineering Co., LTD

Salary: 3,000-10,000 with no upper limit

Harbin Technical School

Name: Si Haiqi

Employment Enterprise: Qingdao Mojiu Decoration Co., LTD

Position: Internet Marketing Manager

Salary: 6000+, no upper limit

Harbin Technical School

Student name: Liu Xiaoxue

Job: Architectural design

Enterprise: Architectural Design and Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology Co., LTD


Harbin Technical School

Name: Liu Yuheng

Employment enterprise: Jiangnan Decoration

Position: Chief Designer

Monthly salary: 10,000 +

Harbin Technical School

Student's name: Ni Yuming

Employment address: Linchuang Stone

Company name: Linchuang Family Service

Salary: 4,000-10,000

Harbin Technical School

Student's name: Liu Shimin

Company: Qingdao Lehousi

Salary: 6000+

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